Fyre Festival Has Been Hit With A Third Lawsuit For Negligence And Fraud

That cheese sandwich story might have been a bit fake, but the fallout from Ja Rule’s mega-bungled Fyre Festival is still very real. According to Pitchfork, a third lawsuit has bee filed against the organizers of the fest that turned into the Hunger Games for kids who use “summer” as a verb. The new lawsuit — after the $100 million class-action suit and another that claims the fest violated U.S. trade regulations — seeks damages for the fest falsely representing itself and being negligent with the safety of attendees.

According to Pitchfork, attendees Matthew Herlihy and Anthony Lauriello filed the lawsuit in a federal court in New York alleging “false representations, material omissions, and negligence regarding the ‘Fyre Festival’ and their failure to organize, prepare, and provide attendees with the experience that the Defendants marketed as being a luxurious private-island getaway.”

The lawsuit describes the scene that Herlihy and Lauriello found on the island.

“Upon the arrival of guests to the island of Great Exuma for the first weekend, the island was lacking basic amenities, was covered in dirt, and guests had to sleep in tents with wet blankets,” it reads. “There were no communal showers or bathrooms as promised; instead there were porta potties (only about one for every 200 yards) that were knocked down and only three showers although there were hundreds of people arriving … Additionally, there were no other basic amenities like soap, sunscreen and shampoo, and no electricity.”

Lauriello claims he was robbed of his headphones, jeans, shoes and other personal items while on the island. Both Herlihy and Lauriello bought ticket packages worth over $1000 and loaded up pre-paid wristbands with nearly $1000 each to be used in lieu of cash at the festival. No dollar amount is specified but the pair are seeking both compensatory and punitive damages from the festival organizers.

Hopefully everyone learns a valuable lesson from all this: you shouldn’t count on Ja Rule to make your life interesting. Take a look at the entire complaint below:

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