Chance The Rapper And Lil Uzi Vert Are Out For ‘Everything’ With G Herbo On A New Remix

02.15.18 5 months ago

G Herbo is set to drop the deluxe version of his well-regarded Humble Beast album tomorrow. The album is set to be a redux with all of the original tracks plus some new ones. After dropping his ‘City Of Sorrow’ documentary and the video for “Shook,” one of the new tracks, a couple weeks ago, he’s following up. Today, he dropped the star-studded remix for album favorite “Everything” with two artists who are basically “everything” to their city right now, Lil Uzi Vert of Philly and fellow Chicagoan Chance The Rapper. The three artists jump on the trap burner and add their own twist to the concept over booming 808s.

While Uzi and Chance don’t quite play with the context of “everything” like Herbo did, they both rode the beat well in their own right. Uzi came through with a gruff, braggadocious verse that sounds like he might not have been in a shoulder-shimmy mood when he wrote it. Chance follows up with a rapid fire verse in which he brags, “me and Oprah just might go for lunch” and lets the world know he “ain’t been local since we opened up.” Herbo is a throwback MC in a variety of ways, and it shows with “Everything.”

He was able to both show off his ability as a wordsmith and craft a track with mass appeal, much like ’00s and ’90s lyricists who would play off of a vocal clip or sample to keep the listener engaged – think Mobb Deep’s “Get Away” or Lloyd Banks’ “Cake.” The remix is a layout for lyricists to craft widely amenable singles — and a reminder that Herbo’s out for everything.

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