G Herbo Has His Rap Competition ‘Shook’ In New Video From Upcoming ‘Humble Beast Deluxe’

G Herbo’s Humble Beast was perhaps one of the most underappreciated albums of last year. Amongst all the talk about Chicago in recent years, from critiques about the drill movement to the current President’s demeaning words about its citizens, Humble Beast was a work of art that retorted to it all. Dare I say, it’s currently the opus of the modern Chicago “gangster rap” scene as it perfectly explains the mentality that leads misguided youth into the streets — in Chicago and every other underserved community.

If you haven’t heard it, you’ll soon have the chance to listen to the album plus 10 new tracks. Herbo is releasing a Humble Beast Deluxe Edition on February 9th, which will feature every song from the original as well as tracks such as “Shook,” which he released a video for today. The production of “Shook” flips a classic Roy Budd sample that was used on Roc-A-Fella’s “4 Da Fam” and Fabolous’ recent “For The Family.” The beat choice shows Herbo’s appreciation of rap history and allegiance to raw lyricism — which he displays throughout the nearly 4-minute track.

“I was too gangsta for a Gerber boy/I had Girbaud on in polaroids,” he rhymes over the vibrant track. He exhibits the type of lyrical ability that sets him apart from most young Chicago rappers. Check out the video above.