G Perico And Jay Worthy Are G-Worthy, The Next LA Supergroup

2017 could arguably be seen as the greatest year in West Coast rap since the peak G-Funk days of the early 1990s. It’s not even top heavy, with artists ranging from all over making noise. Kamaiyah is gearing up to release her follow-up to A Good Night In The Ghetto, YG and DJ Mustard are back together in the studio, and hungry acts such as G Perico are breaking out new strands on a tried and true formula: futuristic G-Funk.

Speaking of Perico, the All Blue rapper has spent the better part of September putting the finishing touches on G-Worthy, a supergroup project between he, Compton’s Jay Worthy, and producer Cardo, who is a full-blown LA transplant from Dallas. G-Worthy is built off twinkling production and airy, slick talk from South Central and CPT’s own. Having built soundscapes for the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Jeezy, Jay-Z (“Seen It All”), and another West Coast aesthetic lover in Houston’s Le$, Cardo is the perfect person to steer a project between two personable, in-your-face LA rap acts.

“I’m so motherf**kin’ West,” Jay Worthy concludes on “Get Mine,” a late-night cruiser where low beams are necessary to pass through the palm trees and buzzing LA nightlife. Following the lead single of “Never Miss,” G-Worthy makes the most of its seven track runtime with little assists from the Bay Area (Diamond Ortiz) and LA’s own Polyester. “I’m a bigger man with bigger plans,” Ortiz chirps on “Never Miss,” leading everyone into a two-step blitz of stunting and enjoying the high life.

Let G-Worthy be your entry into a relaxed, laid back Friday and stream the tape in full via Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify below.

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