Gucci Mane’s ‘First Day Out Tha Feds’ Gets The Visual Treatment

What do you do when you’re restricted to the confines of your house? Well, if you’re Gucci Mane you shoot several videos for your upcoming album, Everybody Looking. The first of which was the first song released after his latest prison stint, “First Day Out Tha Feds.”

With not a lot to work with aside from a lavish house, how do you make an interesting Gucci visual? Well, you have the newly energized rapper walk around the house rapping and throwing money around. I’m sure that’s one thing he won’t mind picking up when the cameras are off. The only thing missing is Gucci and Mike Will Made-It having a Mr. Burns-Smithers-esque money fight.

Oh, and if you needed more fuel for your clone rumors, there’s scenes with four Gucci Manes in one room. Editing magic or real clones? You decide.

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