Nicki Minaj’s Scorching Verses On Gucci Mane’s ‘Make Love’ Show Why You Should Never Make Her Angry

There aren’t enough a’s in the entire world to appropriately “Yaaas” a collaboration between Nicki Minaj and Skinny Guwop. Just listen and let the sheer joy of it wash over you. “Make Love” is 5-plus minutes of “Living well is the best revenge” though Nicki does find the time to address her haters in more direct ways.

Nicki spends an entire verse scorching other rappers in a litany of lyrical sub-tweets and general bum b*tch clowning. There are too many highlights of her verse to single out just one but “You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques, S, plural like the S on my chest, Now sit your dumb ass down, You got an F on your test” is pretty great.

Gucci Mane, for his part, is too happy to put anybody down, spending a goofy verse talking about the various ways he can blow his money. “I’m tryna book Beyoncé for my wedding day / I’m the type of n*gga, spend a million on a wedding cake” is a goal we should all be reaching toward.

There’s no word on whether “Make Love” is just an excellent loosie or a taste of something bigger. But don’t be surprised if it shows up on Gucci’s upcoming album Drop Top Guwop.