Gucci Mane Shared The Stage With His 1017 Partner OJ Da Juiceman For The First Time In Years

12.28.18 7 months ago

Gucci Mane has been on a positive wave for the past couple years, and it looks like he’s heading into 2019 with even more good energy. Weeks after reconciling with his mentee Waka Flocka, the Evil Genius invited his friend and partner-in-rhyme OJ Da Juiceman on stage to perform with him for the first time in years. A show attendee caught footage of the reunion at an Atlanta Gucci Mane concert and shared it to social media. The clip shows the crowd in a ruckus while Gucci and OJ performed OJ’s “Make Tha Trap Say Aye” smash from 2009.

The fans were repeating the infectious hook word-for-word with Gucci and OJ, reflecting the song’s place in the Atlanta canon. OJ has noted that there was no bad blood between him and his “big bruh” Gucci, telling The Progress Report that he respected the place Gucci was at after being freed from his three-year prison sentence in 2016.

He also noted that, “Me and bruh gone always be on that turn. Even if y’all don’t see us right now. Bruh gon’ do him, Ima do me and when the time comes…what they call it, perfect timing is key. We gon’ make that sh*t work. That’s big bruh. Ain’t no bad blood between me and homie.” Looks like the turn of a new year was the best timing.

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