Hennessy Presents: “Never Stop. Never Settle.” feat. Elliott Wilson (Pt. 2 “Finding Your Voice)

09.26.12 6 years ago

Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit represents that voice inside of us, pushing us onward and upward to bigger and greater things, but sometimes that voice can be bit hard to find. In the second part of his “Wild Rabbit” series, Elliott Wilson, founder of Rap Radar and Editor-in-Chief of RESPECT. Magazine, considers the difficulty of finding one’s own voice. Even for him, a man known for his hip-hop opinions and unforgettable laugh, it wasn’t easy. As a young’n Wilson tried to rap, but just couldn’t accomplish those necessary complex internal rhymes. He then saw magazines as the best route for him to document the culture that inspired him so greatly. Wilson advises that the only way for a young writer to find his voice is to keep writing; eventually you’re going to reach real opinions on a topic that’s important to you. Take a trip down the rabbit hole. Watch more Hennessy videos and learn more about this movement at neverstopneversettle.com.

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