Hennessy Presents: “Never Stop. Never Settle.” feat. Elliott Wilson

09.19.12 6 years ago

Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit represents that voice inside all of us that endlessly inspires and pushes us onward and upward to bigger and greater achievements. For Elliott Wilson, founder of Rap Radar and Editor-in-Chief of RESPECT. Magazine, the Wild Rabbit inspires him to create fresh and relevant content that will have Wilson recognized as the best hip-hop writer in the game.

In the first video of his Hennessy series, Wilson heads to the barbershop where, he explains, the voice of the street is heard. The man with endless talking points reminds us that, “your opinion is nothing unless you can back it up.” Take a trip down the rabbit hole. Watch more Hennessy videos and learn more about this movement at neverstopneversettle.com.


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