Hillary Clinton’s VP Candidate Calls Himself ‘Lil Kaine’ Now Thanks To Chance The Rapper And Lil Wayne

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10.13.16 8 Comments

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Look, I’m no expert political analyst, but I’m pretty sure Hillary Clinton is going to get the support of minorities in the election next month. Her opponent kind of makes it a virtual certainty. So really there’s no reason for Hillary and members of her campaign to do too much pandering, but that didn’t stop her vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine from doing just that when he called into North Carolina’s Power 98 FM for an interview.

The senator from Virginia called in to the “No Limit Larry & The Morning Maddhouse” show and immediately opened with a zinger that was both cringeworthy and hilariously laughable all at once, saying “They call me Lil Kaine,” as soon as he got on air.

Now, the hosts laughed and played into it all and that’s cool, but be honest here, 99 percent of everybody listening did this.

Apparently, Lil Kaine was inspired by Lil Wayne since the station just finished playing Chance The Rapper’s “No Problem” with Wayne and 2 Chainz. The hosts played along, even calling him “Little Kaine” later. As goofy as this is, maybe it’ll stick. Maybe other politicians will pick up rapper-inspired names to make us all chuckle. Hilly Ma? Actually has a nice ring to it. Since Pusha T anointed himself President Blobama, maybe Barack can roll with Presi B? Just spitballing here.

Yeah, you’re right, they should probably stick to politics and never, ever dare to give themselves rap names again.

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