Here Are The Hottest Hip-Hop Tracks That Hit This Month

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04.28.17 3 Comments

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April was a great month for hip-hop. Of course, the conversation about this month begins and ends with Kendrick Lamar, who’s album DAMN. dominated the charts in a way that hasn’t been matched by anyone thus far in 2017. Over 600,000 units sold. A full 100 racks more than his nemesis/not-nemesis Drake. Lamar’s pre-release track “Humble,” was also certified as his first overall No. 1 single ever. Every single other song on the album also entered Billboard’s Hot 100 as well, which is just an incredible feat to consider.

As an occupant of planet Earth, you could barely roll down the street, walk through a mall, or eat in a restaurant without hearing the words, “I got, I got, I got, I got / Loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA,” or a Kid Capri drop, or Bono crooning about America somewhere in the distance. Kenny Fu Kenny reigned comfortably as King.

Of course, Kendrick is just the tip of the iceberg. There was a ton of great single that came out from all sub-genres and corners of the country. Whether you’re into Trap, vintage-style boom-bap, pop, or something more in the R&B realm, there was a little something for everyone to enjoy this month. There were more flute tracks, a bevy of Frank Ocean loosies, the return of Young Thug, the return of Big Boi, and what might be one of the final new pieces of music we get to hear from Kevin Gates for a while.

Here’s some of the best tracks that April had to offer.

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