Hurricane Chris Wants to Break Kodak Black’s Jaw Since Lil Wayne Doesn’t Have The Time

Lil Wayne may have absolutely no idea who Kodak Black is, but Hurricane Chris does. Oh, sure you remember Hurricane Chris. He’s the Louisiana rapper who enjoyed moderate success in the mid-2000s with tracks like “Aye Bay Bay” and “Halle Berry.” Yeah, that guy. Well, he’s back. Not with new music, but with threats. So fun!

It appears that Hurricane Chris isn’t happy with Kodak Black talking sh*t about Lil Wayne. If you’ll recall, Kodak Black challenged Tunechi to a boxing match for the title of “Best Rapper Alive.” It didn’t make sense then, and it doesn’t make sense now. You cannot literally fight someone for a title like that. WTF? Whatever. Anyway, Kodak’s still butthurt his idol couldn’t pick him out of a lineup. Wayne is currently busy with that Young Money reunion and his court battle with Birdman so he can’t just drop everything to fight Kodak. But Hurricane Chris? Oh, ya boy got time today, cuz!

“If you f*ck with any of my people, you gotta deal with me,” Chris said in a funny social media video. “With that being said, Wayne, Weezy, Tunechi, whatever you wanna call him, you wanna f*ck with him, you wanna f*ck with me. That’s how I’m coming. You play with my people, and I’m gonna break your jaw. It’s going down just like that. And you know who I’m talking to.

Kodak Black is an avid boxer, but so is Hurricane Chris, apparently. The rapper goes on to say fighting is his life, continuing, “I’m righteous with them hands. Talking about that hand game. [Wayne] got bigger problems than boxing with [Kodak Black], but a young n*gga like me, [I] wake up and go to sleep, ready to chestize a p*ssy.”

It’s no “Chief Keef this, Chief Keef that” rant, but it’s a solid rant. Plus it’s nice to see Hurricane Chris still around. I can’t say I woke up this beautiful Monday morning with the rapper on the brain, but here we are!