Ian Connor Fights With Theophilus London And A$AP Bari In Paris

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Update: Ian hopped on Twitter and he’s lashing out at all parties and making some dangerous accusations about both Bari and London. The article has been updated below.

The rape allegations against Ian Connor are starting to cause friction between him and his circle of rapper friends.

Connor, a new day stylist and friend of Kanye West, has spent part of 2016 dogged by rape allegations leveled by multiple women after one, Malika Anderson, first made accusations in April. He’s denied each woman’s claims vehemently but that hasn’t stopped the social outcry as others question why his famous friends like Kanye, A$AP Rocky and others still allow him to hang with them.

Apparently, tensions came to a head in Paris recently. Connor, London, designer-DJ Virgil Abloh, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Bari and others were gathered at an event at the clothing shop Colette. Video footage shows London confronting Connor, who eventually ends up punching London.

After he’s rushed out of the store, Connor can be seen getting served by Mob member A$AP Bari.

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