Believe It Or Not Iggy Azalea Is Collaborating With Azealia Banks For Her New Album

Getty Image

Frustratingly similar names isn’t the only thing that’s always linked Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks together, they also had an especially nasty feud a few years back that featured all of the requisite name-calling and even a death threat. But a ton of time has passed, and now Iggy and Azealia are ready to bury the hatchet and they’re going to do so by collaborating on a song for Iggy’s new album Digital Distortion.

Iggy announced the union on her Snapchat, saying simply “Public Service Announcement, Azealia is going to be on DD.” She added “We all collaborating. Burn your wigs now or preserve them in your freezer for release day.” Iggy took to Twitter to futher explain the decision on Twitter with a few tweets, saying she’s choosing to turn a negative into a positive and the collaboration isn’t costing anybody any money.

The collaboration comes a few months after Iggy officially ended the beef on her Snapchat with a lengthy message to Azealia, saying “I wish you had spoken to me before deciding I was out to get you when we first came on the scene.” She added “I wish you well from one human to another and joke collaboration or not as adults we should move past trivial beef with strangers,” and Azealia acknowledged the message by reposting it onto her Instagram account.

So it all appears to be over, and the feud ending will manifest itself in the form of a new song on Iggy’s new album whenever it hits retailers this year.