The Cleveland Cavaliers Are NBA Champions And The Internet Went Wild

No NBA team had ever come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a championship. The Cleveland Cavaliers have never won a title, either.

And yet somehow, despite being down 3-1 against the greatest regular season team in NBA history, the Cavs walked into Oracle Arena and took down the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. There will come a time for far more nuanced takes regarding this, but for now, let’s take a look at some of the best reactions from the Internet after the Cavaliers made history.

First, let’s just get the Crying Jordans out of the way.

As I mentioned a little earlier in the post, this was a huge night for the city of Cleveland. No major sports team from the city has won a championship since 1964, so, understandably, fans were a little confused as to how to react back in Ohio.

Oh, and to add some context to how long ago 1964 was, Harrison Ford was barely into his 20s.

There were a few shots at Warriors star Steph Curry. Sure, he’s one of the best basketball players on earth and quite possibly the best shooter to ever live, but he wasn’t immune to criticism. One Twitter user theorizes that the downfall of the Warriors occurred when Curry’s new Under Armour shoes that the internet roasted came out.

Even outside of the whole “Steph released cursed dad shoes” thing, there were plenty of jokes lobbed towards the first unanimous MVP in league history.

Curry wasn’t the only member of his family who was the butt of a few jokes. His wife, Ayesha, got picked on after she threw some shade on Twitter during the series.

Oh, also, here’s one more Crying Jordan thing. It involves Ayesha Curry, and it’s the best thing on the Internet right now.

And of course, one dude who was on the receiving end of some jokes was Draymond Green. He had a pretty rough finals – you can make the case that the Cavs don’t come back to win if he doesn’t get suspended for Game 5 – and while he made it a point to seek out LeBron and give him some love after the game, you knew that people were going to make jokes at Dray’s expense.

And there were of course just a bunch of jokes. Nothing says NBA title more than quips about sex and Joker-inspired nihilism.

Then there was the inevitable David Lee mention.

And, of course, how is Cleveland doing?

Then there were those already looking forward to Cleveland’s White House visit and J.R. Swish meeting the Obama’s.

To end, let’s talk about LeBron James. He went back to Cleveland with one goal in mind: to win an NBA championship for his hometown team, the squad that drafted him out of high school. He played out of his mind in these Finals en route to being named the MVP, so of course, the famous LeBron James kid Vine popped up all over the place…

…and others recalled the teenage phenom from Akron who one day was going to be the best basketball player on earth. More than a decade later, that ended up being the case.

America’s Commander-In-Chief popped on social media to give LeBron some DAP, too.

And what have we here? Is someone trolling the preeminent modern dray troll, Skip Bayless? Why yes, yes they are.

That above tweet should even make Warriors fans happy. Schadenfreude is all Skip is good for these days.

We’ll end by going back to the Warriors, namely the fact that people debated whether they were better or worse than the 72-win Chicago Bulls team from 1995-96. According to one of those Bulls, Dennis Rodman, this settled the debate.

You can still probably continue to argue this notion, but Rodman makes a point: if you value titles, then the Cavs’ win was the nail in that argument’s coffin.