Is Hip-Hop To Blame For The Death of Sean Taylor

11.28.07 11 years ago 88 Comments

“Until we recapture the minds of black youth, convince them that it’s not OK to “super man dat ho” and end any and every dispute by “cocking on your bitch,” nothing will change. Does a Soulja Boy want an education? The “keepin’ it real” mantra of hip hop is in direct defiance to evolution. There’s always someone ready to tell you you’re selling out if you move away from the immature and dangerous activities you used to do, you’re selling out if you speak proper English, embrace education, dress like a grown man, do anything mainstream.”

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This is an excerpt from a article written by FoxSports columnist, Jason Whitlock. In the article Whitlock ties hip-hop into the recent death of pro-football player Sean Taylor and compares black on black crime to the KKK, calling it the Black KKK. I’ve never been a fan of Whitlock and this article doesn’t suggest other wise.

Read the article and let’s discuss.

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