J. Cole Speaks On His Favorite Track On “Born Sinner” & The Status Of His Project With Kendrick Lamar

06.22.13 6 years ago 3 Comments

Can you speak on your favorite track on Born Sinner?

First answer! Favorite song is too hard to decide. But I will say Runaway is definitely in the running. The verses! Production process is an easier question to answer for me. I just let it FLOW. Normally I start out by finding drum sounds and patterns that make me move. for instance, Runaway started by flipping a real dirty drum loop, then adding a harder kick on top. Once i get drums that Move me and excite me, I look to add music (samples or something i’m playing) that make the marriage complete.

Born sinner plays with a lot of Double time tempo’s. Shit like power trip, that moves your head as if it’s fast paced. but in reality, its technically a SLOW beat. The breakdown on LAnd of the Snakes another example. Or rich niggaz.thanks for the question

Did you get the album title from Juicy? Or how did that come about?

Album title came from the line i wrote, “born sinner, was never born to be perfect” which inspired the amazing hook to “Born Sinner” written by James Fauntleroy. And of course the BIGGIE line represents all UNDERDOGS. “Born Sinner, the opposite of a winner”

Can you tell us anything new about your upcoming album with Kendrick Lamar?

Thank you. This question will be asked a lot so I’ll just answer it here. We have some really good songs in the stash, but haven’t had a chance to properly work on a project. An album will come in the future, but probably not this year. I’m just happy for my niggaaa

How did it feel when you heard Nas on Let Nas Down Remix?

Surreal. Today is my first day off in a LONG TIME (other than this. but this isn’t WORK) I plan on soaking in that moment tonight and really reflecting on how amazing that is.

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