James Blake Teases A Mysterious New Andre 3000 Song During A DJ Set

Getty Image

Since his Outkast days, Andre 3000 hasn’t released a ton of music. Earlier this year, though, he surprised the world with Look Ma No Hands, a two-track release he shared on Mother’s Day in memory of his mom. One of the tracks was a melancholy ballad, while the other was a 17-minute experimental jazz piece made with James Blake.

Now it looks like his partnership with Blake may not have ended there: During a DJ set over the weekend, Blake debuted some new Andre music. The material featuring Andre can be heard at about 7:40 into the video below. Beyond what you can hear, there has been no additional information shared about the recording.

Prior to the release of Look Ma No Hands, Andre said of the unreleased music he has recorded, “It’s hard drives of me just in the house alone playing horrible guitar. Me playing piano. Me playing a little sax. I was trying to find out: What can I be excited about? Because I never was, to me, a great producer or a great writer or a great rapper. I always felt that I was less than everybody else, so I fought harder. My only gauge to know when something was good was how I felt it.”

Listen to the new Andre 3000 music above.