Janelle Monae Makes A Plea To End Gun Violence In The Wake Of Her Cousin’s Murder In Drive-By Shooting

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Singer Janelle Monae made an impassioned plea calling for an end to gun violence after her cousin was murdered in a drive-by shooting.

Monae took to Twitter with her message in a series of tweets directed at people in her Kansas City hometown. However, the words are ones that can speak to many. “Gun violence has struck home,” she wrote. “My beautiful first cousin was murdered. She was a mother of three. Loved by her community. Kansas City, gun violence is still keeping our city in a dark place. The fear of ‘who is next?’ never leaves. Praying4more light. Help us.”

Natasha Hayes, age 32, was the victim in a drive-by shooting that occurred near her home at 3:45am on Tuesday, per a report by The Kansas City Star. According to family members, Hays was asleep when 39 bullets sprayed her home. Three others were also present but were unharmed. Kansas City police are investigating but have no suspects at this time.

The Grammy-nominated singer’s loss comes just days after NBA star Dwyane Wade lost his cousin to a shooting in Chicago. What both cases highlight is no one — regardless of race, fame, money or class — is immune to what’s taking place across the country associated with gun violence continue to become a saddening norm. The singer wrote “Nobody deserves to lose their mother, sister, cousin, friend, etc to the hands of evil. Evil has no race.”

Monae’s words also managed to capture the pain and grief that she and her family are experiencing as they try to come to terms with what happened. “Hearing your uncle on the phone while he tries to make sense of his daughter being murdered is the most helpless feeling in the entire world.”

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