JAX The Uncrowned Ruler – Do You Believe?

This project has been out for a little while but is still worth the listen. Do You Believe? starts off with a voice mail from Griffen Guess, a co-producer for artist like Kanye West, Andre 3000, 50 cent, T.I, and many more. He’s explaining how he wants to sign Jax(The Uncrowned Ruler), but by him being a “Major Liability” he’s unsure and “on the fence”. This gives a little insight to the overall mysterious project, but enough to let a listener know they are dealing with a major artist. The first words spoken by Jax is “I am The Uncrowned Ruler”. Following the intro is an assortment of original material speaking on the story that led to the previous songs situation. This mixtape/EP/project ranges in records that are easily able to touch anyone interested in dope lyrics, great composition, storytelling, realism, and heart felt hip-hop with commercial viability. Jax already has fans with “The Uncrowned Ruler” tattooed on them, and even has people randomly posting pictures on social media of them sighting stickers with his logo around New York, California, Atlanta, and other cities. Now the opportunity is yours to answer the title, Do You Believe?