Kendrick Lamar Goes Insane With Future And Jay Rock On ‘King’s Dead’ From The ‘Black Panther’ Soundtrack


It may just be high hopes, and nothing more than internet conjecture, but there are murmurs that the Black Panther soundtrack may be Kendrick Lamar‘s own little inspired foray back into music. Some are whispering that the soundtrack will serve as the American Gangster to Kendrick’s Jay-Z, meaning the movie inspired him so much he threw his all into an album on a whim, and now, with the release of the newest track from the soundtrack, that talk will get louder.

“King’s Dead” is officially listed as Jay Rock featuring Kendrick Lamar and Future, but Kenny came through and did what Kenny always does: completely take over ownership of a song and rue the day somebody thought it belonged to anybody else. Jay Rock was perfect, and Future was as Future as he’s ever been, even bringing back the “Codeine Crazy” falsetto for a few bars, but all of that is just a distraction until the next time Kendrick breathes on the record.

K. Dot opens the track with a brief refrain, pops up again to give Future an assist with his ad-libs and then, for the last minute or so the beat changes, and Kendrick goes insane for about a minute, just because he can. You can almost see the scene where the new, screeching portion of the song will arrive in the movie and its reason enough to go check it out when it hits theaters next month.

When Kendrick’s involvement with the soundtrack was announced, he was mentioned as a curator, but it’s starting to look like he did a lot more than just pick the tracks to accompany the movie, he’s taking them over.

Stream Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar and Future’s “King’s Dead” below.