Don’t Even Bother Asking Jay Z His Thoughts On Donald Trump

Message to the press: do understand that Jay Z is not a big fan of Donald Trump. The info shouldn’t come as a newsflash considering how Hov hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton during her run for office. It definitely shouldn’t stop anyone from asking him questions about the newly-elected President. But, don’t expect to get an answer either, as evidenced by the video above.

The rap mogul made an appearance at 2017 Sundance Film Festival, where he is on-hand to promote the new documentary on the life of Kalief Browder called Time: The Kalief Browder Story. At one point, he was stopped by the media and talked about meeting Browder, the New York teen who spent several years in jail without ever being convicted of a crime, when a reporter decided to ask Jay to share his thoughts on Trump.

“Not going to answer that,” Jay replied stoically. Harvey Weinstein, his fellow director on the Browder project, eased in to end the Q&A right after, but not before the small but slightly humorous moment was captured.

Below, there’s another video where Hov talks about how he ended up with the story of Kalief Browder as the first project from the newly formed deal between the Jay and the Weinstein Company. The six-part docuseries is slated to premiere on Spike TV on Wednesday, March 1 from 10:00-11:00pm EST.