Jay-Z’s ‘Dream. On.’ Video Is A Poignant Reflection On His Past Filled With Hope For A Bright Future

Senior Music Writer

This weekend, Jay-Z is set to tear it down at his Made In America festival in Philadelphia. Today, the Tidal boss decided to give the world a small preview of what he’s got cooked up for the crowd in the “City Of Brotherly Love,” sharing a poignant video that will open his set that he created in collaboration with Budweiser.

Titled “Dream. On.” The short clip finds Jay reminiscing about his youth growing up in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn. Set over varying scenes of a random apartment, a tape clicks to life and Jay begins to speak free of any sort of musical accompaniment. “I’m from where dreaming ain’t allowed. Especially, when you’re dreaming aloud,” he begins. “It takes tears, sweat, blood, five CCs, because I know what a kid in apartment 5C see. Heaven knows all I had was hella hope. Speed dating with destiny, I couldn’t tell her no.”

He closes his poem on a hopeful note. “You are whatever you say you are. Turn any situation around. Who. Are. You? God.” The clip then ends with a beam of sunlight filling the room.

Jay-Z is scheduled to perform at the Made In America festival on Sunday, September 3. You can catch a glimpse at his new “Dream. On.” video above.

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