Jay Z Made As Much Money As Beyonce In 2016 And He Didn’t Even Need A Tour

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Mr. and Mrs. Carter grew some lemons, turned into Lemonade and are now laughing all the way to the bank, according to Forbes’ latest highest-paid musicians list. While usual suspects Taylor Swift, Diddy, Adele, Dr. Dre, etc., make the cut, Jay Z and Beyonce are the only husband and wife on the list. Talk about #goals.

The power couple reportedly raked in over $100 million from June 2015 to June 2016. All pre-tax, but still an astronomical figure for the Carters who are reportedly worth a billion dollars. Beyonce made the bulk of her $54 million from her Lemonade world tour, which reportedly took in a staggering $5 million a city. Hubby Jay Z didn’t even need a tour or an album for his $53.5 million cut. A good portion of his share comes from D’Usse sales and Ace of Spades, hip-hop’s favorite champagne since Cristal. No mention of Tidal, though.

Elsewhere on the list is Rihanna, whose deals with with Samsung, Dior, Stance and her Anti tour earned her a cool $75 million, and ex-boyfriend Drake. Papi earned a spot after pulling in $38.5 million thanks to endorsements with Apple, Sprite and Nike. The Weeknd also joins his fellow artists after scoring $55 million from arena shows, and an endorsement deal with the makers of Adderall. Okay, that Adderall part is a lie. $55 million is still amazing, nonetheless.

Peep the full list at Forbes.