Jay-Z Opened Up About His Latest Album ‘4:44’ In An Extended Chat On The Rap Radar Podcast

Jay-Z is not someone who needs to do publicity. He occupies that same stratosphere of fame and notoriety as his wife Beyonce, where if he has a new project on deck, especially a music-related one, he’s almost better served by keeping his mouth shut and letting the fans build out the buzz for him. Nevertheless, even though he’s shared a number of thoughts about his most recent record 4:44 through his Footnotes video series, Hov recently decided to break his extended silence in the media space and sat down for a lengthy, hour-long chat with Brian “B.Dot” Miller and Elliott Wilson on the Rap Radar podcast.

The talk was about as wide-ranging as you’d hope, with Jay touching on a variety of different topics, including his working relationship with No. ID., how he took inspiration from veterans like Prince and Bono about how to roll out a record later in your career, as well as why he came out with something that only ran a little over half-an-hour long. “This album has a lot of topics and that’s why it had to be so short and condensed,” he said. “It’s so dense with subject matter if it was longer you wouldn’t be able to take it, it would wear you out.”

You can listen to Jay-Z’s appearance on Rap Radar below.

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