If Jay Z’s Reaction Is Any Indication, Rick Ross’ Upcoming Album Is Going To Be Pure Fire

Rick Ross has never made a bad album. Great, now that I’ve gotten that scandalous hot take out of the way, Rick Ross’s discography does include a meh project or two, but it’s never been bad, bad. Kind of like a burger with no condiments. Sure, it’s a burger, and that’s great, but it’s not all that great when its void of flavor. With that being said, the shrinking big belly man is cooking up some material worth anticipating.

2017 will see the release of Renzel’s ninth studio album, Rather You Than Me. The MMG captain recently had a listening session for the project and it was attended by none other than Jay Z. If you know Hov, then you know that face he makes when he’s listening to dope music. His face would border between looking like he farted and it smelled worse than he anticipated, and trying to remember if he locked the door before leaving the house. Well, that same screwface is the same face Jay had during Rozay’s listening session. Which can only mean one thing: Rather You Than Me is another CLAS–Okay, I kid. But whatever Ross is cooking up, Jay wants more of it.

I can only hope this also means we can expect a Jay Z feature on the album. The chemistry between those guys has always been undeniable. No wonder they’re on about fitty’lem songs together.

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