Jay-Z Speaks On Staying In Touch With The Hood & Barack Obama

07.28.08 10 years ago 59 Comments


‘I think it’s more important for me to be in touch with who I am than in touch with the streets, per se,’ he says. ‘Being in touch with the streets, keeping it real, that’s become a lie and a cliche. I’m not hanging on the corner in the Bed-Stuy. I hate it when rappers say, “I’m keeping it ‘hood.” I’m like, “Why? What do you mean? No one’s there by choice! You’re in the hood, by choice?”‘

‘If [Barack Obama] loses I really will feel sorry and sad for the state of America,’ he says. ‘The world is watching. And the world will judge us on that. And I’m not voting for him simply because he’s black. The worst thing ever for black people would be to put someone in who wasn’t capable. I’m voting because he’s capable. What he represents to a little kid in Marcy Projects right now is to make him feel like he’s part of America. We never felt like we were part of the American dream.’

Full Article: Guardian

Who is in the hood by choice? I understand going back to your community to help build it up, but if your rich and famous you can no longer just be hanging out on the block. You should have more important things to do and there will be a lot of envious people around you in the hood.

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