Jazz Cartier Keeps Moving Past The Hate And Jealousy With His New Track ‘Pree’

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Jazz Cartier is looking to end 2016 on a high note, just like he came into the year. His new song “Pree” is the first taste of new material we’ve heard from Jazz and it’s the kind of music that will only make ears crave more of the audio dope the young Canadian brings with each time around.

For those wondering, “Pree” is a slang term used by Jazz and friends. “Pree means to watch somebody and what they’re doing, more times in an envious way,” Jazz tells Complex. “Started in Jamaica and we use it a lot in Toronto. This is just a vibe I’ve been on.” Produced by frequent collaborator Lantz, the track takes on a more subdued approach for the self-proclaimed Prince of Toronto, instead of the usual high energy vibes he’s known for. But, don’t get it twisted because there’s nothing sweet about the tune. In a brooding tone, he acknowledges his naysayers, but declines wasting too much time on the negativity. “Cuzzi doesn’t hate, I just do me instead, Y’all just follow my steps, yeah, till y’all n****s get left,” he raps.

It’s been almost a year since the release of Hotel Paranoia and, in the time between now and then, Cartier’s spent the past few months on the road opening for Post Malone. Along the way, his stock has continued to rise in Toronto and beyond. With the tour over, “Pree” may be the first sign he is ready to get back in the lab and back to create more music, which means his rise won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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