Jeezy And 2 Chainz Make It Rain Tuition Money In The ‘Magic City Mondays’ Video

08.29.16 3 years ago

Have you ever wondered what a trip to the strip club featuring Jeezy and 2 Chainz looks like? Well, wonder no more as the duo does just that in the NSFW video for “Magic City Mondays.” The single is about two months old, but the video couldn’t have came at a better time. It’s Monday, of course, but this video extends the shelf life and puts a reminder of its existence out there.

You might realize Future is on the song but his name wasn’t brought up in the gentlemen’s club conversation. With him being on tour, he had to video in his take that’s displayed from a hotel room on the big screen in Magic City. It’s a bit disappointing, because Future’s portions lack the energy he brings on the song’s actual verse.

When Jeezy first put out “Magic City Mondays,” the song itself didn’t catch on as much. It’s a nice record, and you have two of the hottest backing you up. Something just isn’t taking it to the next level. Maybe it’s the limited appeal of a strip club joint versus one that could work in clubs everywhere. Maybe Def Jam didn’t put much work in to this. Whatever the case, Jeezy’s latest single remains under-appreciated by most yet heavily in the rotation in my playlists.

Since the video takes place in the gentleman’s club, some of the scenes are NSFW. Click play accordingly.

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