Jeff Sessions May Decide What Happens To Martin Shkreli’s Wu-Tang Clan And Lil Wayne Albums

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RZA perfectly named the Wu-Tang’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album, because the mysterious project is embroiled in a story for the ages. First, RZA and Cilvaringz put the project together without the entire Clan’s blessing. Then they auctioned it off and awarded it to Martin Shkreli – who became the face of modern pharmaceutical greed. He also became embroiled in a beef with Ghostface Killah and tried to become as reviled in hip-hop as he is in the rest of pop culture. Upon his conviction for fraud and other charges, he lost control of the album – along with Lil Wayne’s Carter V. The United States Department of Justice has filed for the two albums to be forfeited to offset Shkreli’s debt.

Wayne has likely recorded many more songs since whatever iteration of the Carter V Shkreli acquired, so we don’t have to worry about Shkreli spoiling the project. The Wu-Tang album may in the hands of an unlikely overseer though – Jeff Sessions, the current Attorney General. Forbes reports that they obtained documents from Shkreli’s case, which state, “The United States hereby gives notice of its intent to dispose of the forfeited property in such manner as the United States Attorney General may direct.”

Forfeited property is usually auctioned. Along with the albums, Shkreli also forfeited a Picasso painting. Here’s hoping all the art is treated in the same manner.