Jhene Aiko Tells Her Side Of Dot Da Genius Split After Kid Cudi Diss

A married Jhene Aiko recording an entire EP with Big Sean about being in a fake relationship with each other should’ve given it away, but just in case it wasn’t already clear, the R&B singer has filed divorce from her producer husband Dot Da Genius after just 11 months of marriage. And one person who appears bothered by it all is Dot’s friend Kid Cudi.

“If you hurt him I’ll kill you,” was the tweet Cudi sent out to Jhene two years ago when Dot Da Genius and the Twenty88 singer became an item. Now that Jhene and Dot are over and Jhene is rumored to be in relationship with Big Sean, Kid Cudi has words. On Friday, in light of reports Jhene filed for divorce, Cudi said he wasn’t in any way pressed over Jhene and his former GOOD Music labelmate, tweeting, “The funny thing is, we ain’t sweatin these bum b*tches and these cornball ass n*ggas. We too busy makin better music.”

Cudi and social media have already blamed the dissolution of her marriage to Dot Da Genius, but Jhene insists she’s not the guilty one here. In a series of tweets to nosey fans, the 28-year-old songstress said she never cheated on her husband, even when he jumped ship long ago. “He’s lucky it was only papers and not CLIPS,” she tweeted and deleted while also expressing her happiness for breaking up with the producer. Continuing, “I only cheated myself. so glad to be free from all the drugs, depression and confrontation.”