JID Says That Changing The ‘DiCaprio 2’ Cover Caused Some ‘F*cked Up’ Streaming Numbers

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Dreamville rapper JID had a big week with the release of his second studio album DiCaprio 2 last week, but a snafu with the cover art may have cost him a significant number of streams. When a fan noticed that the cover — which originally featured an unlicensed shot of the eerily-Leonardo-DiCaprio-resembling Ralph Lauren model Konrad Annerud — had been changed, making the original a “collector’s item,” JID took the blame for the error that cost him 60 slots on the streaming lists (he didn’t say which).

“Now the numbers f*cked up cuz they took the whole project down to change the cover,” he responded. “literally dropped from #12 til like #80 sumthin smh this is my fault.” However, he did point out that the current art featuring the golden Oscar statue — a sly reference to Leonardo DiCaprio’s long-awaited acknowledgement from the film industry, which he finally received in 2016 for The Revenant — should have been the original art, but that the cover featuring Annerud couldn’t be changed until after the album had already been released (hence its reappearance on the “New Releases” lists this week).

“That artwork is what the artwork was supposed to be upon release but they couldn’t change until after we dropped for upload reason,” he explained in response to another fan’s question about the reason for the change.

JID told Complex that the reason for his affinity for the actor stemmed from a feeling that both rapper and actor were underrated greats. “He didn’t win any awards at that time period when I made it. So I was like, ‘Boom: I don’t have no deal.’ It’s like symmetry there. There’s a duality there that I can play with.”