Jidenna Gets His Groove On In The New Video For ‘The Let Out’

No Quavo, no problem for Jidenna and his new video for his track, “The Let Out.” With his debut album The Chief set to release this week and the song starting to catch on, the rapper-singer needed to roll out the accompanying video for promo purposes obviously. But, the Migos rapper, who has a guest verse on the track, isn’t included in the new video, so Jidenna gathered up the homies to recreate a parking lot pimping scene reminiscent of just about what goes down any weekend in any city after the club closes. Okay, maybe all of the singing, partying and dancing on cars is a bit more exaggerated than the norm but that doesn’t mean w all haven’t seen similar scenes at least or twice in our lifetimes. The only thing that may be different in the clip than what goes on in real life is Jidenna and crew have a massive feast at the crib before going out, whereas most people save that for after when they go in search of greasy, late night food to soak up all the alcohol they’ve ingested.

The Chief is set to release this Friday, February 17. Below, take a listen to “Bambi,” another recently released cut from the project that opts for a smooth doo-wop style that very much fits Jidenna’s dapper persona. Along with “Chief Don’t Run” and “Little Bit More,” it’s one of several songs included on what should be one of the year’s better projects.