Joe Budden Shares A Special Moment With His Son In The ‘I Wanna Know’ Video

Contributing Writer

On his new album Rage & The Machine Joe Budden is clearly rejuvenated. The 36-year-old MC has entered a new, happier space in his life and it shows throughout, but his new outlook on life is never more apparent than when he talks about his son on “I Wanna Know.” After watching the album top Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart in it’s first week, Joe is back with a video for the introspective and shockingly bright track as he continues the push for Rage into the holidays.

“My child has inspired so much,” Joe explained to us last month. “He’s inspired this music, this new peace of mind. This new state of mind. He’s just brought so much solace. I don’t even think he knows how much he’s responsible for in me.”

So for the video for “I Wanna Know” Joe’s son Trey is right by his side in the studio, getting into the family business of sorts and following right in the footsteps of his once estranged father. “He loves music,” Joe told us previously. “He listens to music. Makes music. He’s like me, he’s my kid. Genes are so strong. That’s what we do. We bond through music.

That bonding is captured in the video, as Joe offers a rare smile while observing his son, perfectly displaying what made Rage such a refreshing divergence in the Joe Budden catalog.

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