Joey Badass Could Pay $1.5 Million For Reportedly Assaulting A Donald Trump Impersonator

Donald Trump elicits a wide variety of responses in people. The people who love him, really seem to love him. The people who don’t, really, really don’t. You can put Joey Badass in the latter camp. Late last year, in September, the rapper was performing at an event when he was joined onstage by an actor portraying Hillary Clinton, and another actor, Philip Wilburn portraying Trump. Badass apparently didn’t mind the presence of Clinton, but as soon as he saw Wilburn he threw up a pair of middle fingers and shoved him off the stage, while someone else ripped off his wig. The actor went head first off the stage and disappeared into the crowd.

Fast forward a few months, and according to TMZ, Wilburn is suing Badass to the tune of $1.5 million. The actor, who has logged appearances on multiple late-night programs like Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live! is purported to have shelled out $1,000 for hospital bills because of the fall, with another potential $25,000 to come because of surgery. He’s also claiming that he’s lost somewhere in the realm of $50,000 because of his injuries and inability to perform.

Badass’ camp has yet to comment on the lawsuit. You can watch the video of the incident that sparked this whole thing above.