Joey Bada$$, Jim Jones And Annalise Azadian Are Trying To Find Their ‘Lost Ones’

Anybody remember the Hamburger Helper mixtape mixtape? There’s a chance they may have opened Pandora’s box as another company decided to try and one up their musical contribution. Magnum, makers of the gold-wrapped condoms, decided to come up with a little project of their own and enlisted an impressive list of guests to create songs for the “Compound Gold” project.

“The Compound Gold Project includes three songs, behind-the-scenes videos of the artists in the studio, interviews and artwork from Jay West. The maker of Magnum™ Condoms and creative art studio, the Compound, worked to innovatively bring the “Magnum™ Live Large” lifestyle to consumers through the Compound Gold Project. They collaborated with the artists to record the album and film videos at the Compound, where the artists expressed what it means to be a “Magnum™ Man” and embody the gold standard in life.”

“Lost Ones” is a somber number featuring the two East Coast emcees rapping about lost loves. Joey’s lost love is regarding a special lady no longer in his life, while Jones’ lost loves are those taken by the streets. While the two emcees contributions are worthy of note, the real star of the song is Annalise Azadian. Her soothing vocals are a perfect fit for the darker tone of the track.

This is the second song in the series, as the previous collaboration was with Dave East and BJ Chicago kid on “Hold Me Down.” The third song will be a collaboration between Jadakiss and Beanie Siegel titled “Dinero.”