Chance The Rapper Tells A Knock-Knock Joke That Somehow Works On John Legend’s ‘Penthouse Floor’

Look, it’s totally understandable that John Legend hasn’t released an album in three years. Starting a family with a super model, being fabulous in general and bossing up whenever you eat chicken wings is a nice life, and probably terribly time consuming. So I get it, fine, but it is nice to finally have John back churning out music as he gets set to release his fifth album Darkness and Light.

Before Darkness is set to release on December 2nd, John returns with the album’s second single “Penthouse Floors,” featuring none other than Chance The Rapper, everybody’s favorite music friend. John premiered the smooth, groovy track on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show World Record Wednesday morning:

Chance is a fun addition, forming his entire verse around a knock-knock joke that somehow works despite how ridiculous that sounds. Really though, the meat of the track is the addictive bass line that reverberates throughout, meshing perfectly with John’s soft but powerful crooning about sex in a penthouse that just can’t possibly wait until he and his partner make it to the bedroom. And hey, it’s nice to hear two guys who are settled down with kids still repping this kind of romance. Listen above.

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