John Legend Responded To Trump’s Mean Tweeting Spree By Invoking Melania’s Cyberbullying Campaign

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Twitter is such a gift.

But it can also be curse. See, for your reference, the timeline of one Donald J. Trump, who seems to spend more time on the platform abusing his detractors than actually paying attention to security briefings or trade meetings. For instance, just this morning, he took time out of his busy schedule to take the cast of popular news talk show Morning Joe to task for their commentary regarding his erratic behavior and seemingly loose grasp of concepts like honesty, duty, and compassion for the American people he was elected to serve. He blasted hosts Joe Scarborough, and Mika Brzezinski by calling Joe “Low IQ” and ridiculing Mika for receiving cosmetic surgery:

Fortunately, Twitter is also home to superheroes like John Legend, who pointed out the bald-faced hypocrisy of the Trump administration by invoking Melania Trump’s anti-cyberbullying campaign. The irony of Trump’s wife heading any initiatives aimed at preventing cyberbullying while he does exactly that while occupying the highest office in the executive branch of government is, well, mind-boggling.

Legend followed up with the knockout punch, leaving all sarcasm and sass at the door and getting straight to his opinion on Trump saying: “America elected a very sh*tty person to be President.”

Well, we know his wife has similar feelings about the Conservative-leaning network Fox News.