Jordan Peele Reveals Chance The Rapper’s Emotional Reaction To The Climax Of ‘Get Out’

02.08.18 12 months ago 3 Comments

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Get Out is viewed by many as an instant classic movie with an ideal ending. The Jordan Peele-directed film — or documentary –is ever-relevant to our current times, focusing on themes of racism, appropriation, and exploitation. It’s so good that it helped drive Peele away from acting. The first watch of the film can be arduous – in a good way — as you look for so many of the political statements and plot devices Peele delicately shrouded into scenes and character actions. You may find yourself on the edge of the seat waiting throughout the 2-hour flick, or you could be like Chance The Rapper and his friends, who simply stood up for the film.

Jordan Peele has been on the interview and award circuit lately, collecting honors for the film. Aside from telling us that a sequel may be in the brainstorming stages, he recently gave us a humorous anecdote about Chance being so enamored with the film’s climax that he and his friends left their seats and watched the final action on their feet. Peele took to the podium at the AAFCA (African American Film Critics Association) awards to tell the story. He says that after rising with their hands up and screaming “OH!” in unison, “they stood for the rest of the film.” He then imitated how Chance and his friends reacted to the action.

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