Jorja Smith Says Kendrick Lamar Likes Her New Album, But He Won’t Be On It

Music News Editor

Jorja Smith has set herself up for success by aligning herself with some big-name talent, like Stormzy, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar; it also helps that she’s a world-class talent poised for a breakout on her own merits. We’re now just a few days until her debut album comes out — Lost & Found will be released on June 8 — and while it’s one to look forward to, don’t expect to see any high-profile collaborators on it.

In a new interview with Julie Adenuga on Apple Music’s Beats 1, Smith says that she decided to go about her first album on her own: “No features on my first album. I thought, ‘Nah.’ Just me. People probably are gonna expect me to have a Drake feature and Kendrick feature. Maybe Kali Uchis feature, too. Who else? Stormzy feature. Sorry! […] But what am I going to do for album two? I’ve got stuff to do.”

So, Kendrick won’t be on the album, but it seems like he enjoyed it when he heard it: “I sent Kendrick my album and he liked it,” Smith said. “I was happy.”

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