Jorja Smith Says Kendrick Lamar Likes Her New Album, But He Won’t Be On It

06.04.18 8 months ago

Jorja Smith has set herself up for success by aligning herself with some big-name talent, like Stormzy, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar; it also helps that she’s a world-class talent poised for a breakout on her own merits. We’re now just a few days until her debut album comes out — Lost & Found will be released on June 8 — and while it’s one to look forward to, don’t expect to see any high-profile collaborators on it.

In a new interview with Julie Adenuga on Apple Music’s Beats 1, Smith says that she decided to go about her first album on her own: “No features on my first album. I thought, ‘Nah.’ Just me. People probably are gonna expect me to have a Drake feature and Kendrick feature. Maybe Kali Uchis feature, too. Who else? Stormzy feature. Sorry! […] But what am I going to do for album two? I’ve got stuff to do.”

So, Kendrick won’t be on the album, but it seems like he enjoyed it when he heard it: “I sent Kendrick my album and he liked it,” Smith said. “I was happy.”

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