Justin Bieber Is Swagger Jackin Rap Lines? (Vado Says He Sounds Like The Notorious B.I.G.)

10.15.10 8 years ago 25 Comments

Put Lady Gaga on my telephone, hella go and your girl beat no metronome. My new bitch she a yellow bone, I buy her yellow stones cause I like when she got that yellow on.
– Tory Lanez(video posted in March)

Fast forward to the 50 second mark on the Tory Lanez video and then play the Justin Bieber video. Bieber jacks the line above unless Tory Lanez is his ghostwriter.

Update: Damn Vado just gave him props too:

“I was shocked! He killed it! He sounded like [Notorious] B.I.G.,” Vado told the Daily News on Thursday night. “When I seen it on Twitter, I didn’t believe it.””We need to keep his verse for the remix! We might finish the remix this weekend, and let Justin go first,” said Vado, 24. “I’m definitely going to contact him.”

Full Story: NYDailyNews

Let’s not forget him jackin, “Baby”

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