Juvenile Got Into A Scuffle At Waffle House And There’s Video

Waffle House has long been a hub for hood-like behavior after the club lets out in any Southern city. Recent video footage obtained by TMZ shows that now Juvenile can now add his name to the long list of the restaurants patrons who’ve gone wild at the establishment.

“Juvenile attacked a man at a Waffle House in South Carolina Friday night after the customer saw the rapper walk in and said, “Juvenile here, here come all the hoes now.”

An eyewitness tells TMZ, Juvenile was with his girlfriend and his posse when the guy made the comment, and clearly felt his girlfriend had been insulted. Seconds later, Juvenile and some of his boys jumped the customer and beat him … as the surveillance video shows.”

Apparently, the rapper and his friends and even the victim all dipped before the cops came so no charges were filed.

(Via TMZ, FWF)