The BeyHive Is Unleashing All Hell On Kanye Over His Beyonce-Bashing Rant

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Kanye West coated his head with globs of honey and stuck it in a beehive Saturday night when he went on that Beyonce-bashing rant. Yeezus accused Beysus of negotiating her Music Video of the Year VMA for “Formation” by telling execs she’ll only perform if she took home the prestigious top prize. The wacky star felt “Famous” and Drake’s “Hotline Bling” videos were more deserving than Bey’s black AF music video. So now the BeyHive are on the attack, leaving vicious comments and those hurtful bee emojis all over his social media accounts.

“I hate you. I hope someone in radio f*cks your wife to a Drake song and Beyonce films it and Jay z funds it” is just one of the savage comments burning up Kanye’s mentions. Death threats, too. “Just ask Joan Rivers what happens next when you talk bad about Beyonce.” Rivers passed away on Beyonce’s birthday, a week after making a joke about The Carters’ infamous elevator fight.

Things are even getting a little homophobic. Another Bey fan is attributing Kanye’s behavior to not getting his prostate massaged by his wife, tweeting, “Kanye West is a sad little f*ggot who is mad because Kim doesn’t wanna finger him anymore.” Well damn.

Leaving more messages on Kanye’s Instagram, a BeyHie member also pointed out that while ‘Ye does go hard for Bey and constantly praises her, he’s only concerned when she’s not his competition. “It’s okay for Beyonce to win as long as she doesn’t win over him? F*ck outta here! Why you think we call her King Beysus? She rules over any man and woman in the music industry right now.” Another said there was no way in hell “Famous” was better than “Formation” because, “Don’t nobody care about that tired ass ‘Famous’ song about some tired ass hoes laying in bed.” They even think Kanye ruined his career by going after Beyonce. “You done killed yourself, buh. Your ass about to be a Soundcloud artist now. Dumbass.”

Between this and being pro-Trump, Kanye’s really doing a number to himself.