Hold On, Kanye Co-Wrote Drake’s Kid Cudi Diss Track?

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Right before his 30th birthday party — which included a surprise blonde pop star guest and plenty of romantic rumors — Drake was feeling extra salty and dumped four new tracks on the internet. I get it, turning 30 seems kind of intense and I am going to continue milking my late twenties for all their worth.

But one of those songs in particular, “Two Birds, One Stone” has been stirring up a lot of trouble. Mostly because it seems to mock Kid Cudi’s recent admission that he’s struggling with severe depression and suicidal thoughts, and checking himself into rehab for it. The song also seems to diss Pusha T, well-known Drake dismisser and Kanye affiliate, as in, he’s the president of G.O.O.D. music. They’re not just work friends.

The reaction to Kid Cudi’s admission has been mostly positive aside from Drake, with many people citing his music as a saving grace in their lives. After an initial bout of confusion and anger, Kanye has been particularly supportive too, even leading the crowd at his initial LA Saint Pablo tour date to sing in support of the Mr. Solo Dolo.

Cudi took a shot at Drake on Twitter yesterday, promising to be back and healthy soon, which led to Lupe Fiasco deciding to get involved as well. Of course, he took Drake’s side.

So, after considering that whole saga, it was a bit surprising to scan the credits listed on Tidal for Drake’s “Two Birds, One Stone” and see Kanye West’s name listed as a composer, lyricist and producer. Pigeons and Planes were the first to notice this little plot twist, check out the receipts below via Tidal and stay tuned to this ever-building rap drama.