Watching The ‘Old Kanye’ Stunt And Smile For The Paparazzi Has Fans Celebrating

It’s fair to say that more than a lot of people out there miss the old Kanye these days. Hell, we’ll pretty much settle for whatever Kanye we can get. Ever since The Life Of Pablo rapper publicly melted down in the middle of his Saint Pablo tour late last year, he’s pretty much remained persona non grata outside of a mind-boggling meeting with the then president-elect, Donald Trump. From the looks of this new video captured by a TMZ photographer that appears to be changing.

Yeezy was caught by the paparazzi at the Blind Dragon in Hollywood last night to celebrate his sister in law Khloe Kardashian’s birthday. The man who delights in not smiling was all smiles in front of the multiple photographers trying to take his picture. He was actually basking in the light of their cameras, telling the person he was meeting up with on the other end of the phone ‘Ya’ll see me flashing! You know what it is bruh!’ with that characteristic swagger that’s been missing for months.

Maybe he was just in the birthday spirit, but this positive turn bodes well for his continued mental recovery. Who knows, maybe after that getaway to Wyoming recently, a new album could be on the horizon as well. I guess MC Lyte got her answer.