Kanye Streams His Easter Sunday ‘Sunday Service’ At Coachella And Gets Many Reactions On Twitter

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Just a few weeks ago, Coachella announced Kanye would be performing an Easter Sunday special of his live gospel music church service “Sunday Service.” The special rendition took place on Easter Sunday morning at 9 am at the festival campground hillside fittingly named “The Mountain.”

Kanye and his gospel choir formed a ring around The Mountain and sported loosely fitting lavender clothing. The 26-song set featured both covers and gospel renditions of his music. DMX was on the mic acting the service’s pastor. Chance the Rapper and Kid Cudi also made appearances. Kanye even debuted a new song, “Water,” towards the end of his set.

One Twitter user shared how long the line to get into the “Sunday Service” area was.

Many saw a correlation between The Mountain and the set design of PBS’s Teletubbies.

The entire stream was filmed as a vignette.

The service started when the choir walked up the hillside and began playing smooth jazz reminiscent of a Steely Dan jam band. Kanye didn’t make an appearance for several minutes.

Chance the Rapper made an appearance to rap his feature in Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam.”

DMX took the mic at the end of the set to lead a prayer. He told the crowd to give love to the stranger next to them.

After DMX’s prayer, Kanye and others were left in tears.

Although Kanye and a brief struggle with his microphone being turned off, it’s safe to say his first livestream of a “Sunday Service” was a success.