Kanye West About To Take Over September 18th?

05.12.07 11 years ago 7 Comments

Kanye West isn’t graduating in May or June, like most seniors. The so-called College Dropout’s Graduation date will actually be this fall — September 18, to be exact. That’s according to his mother, Donda, who says she’s very proud of West’s third LP. “This Graduation album is his best ever — musically, as well as the lyrics,” she said.

I’m graduating from a school called ‘Universe City,’ ” Kanyeezee explained of his Gradution concept. “I think the sound is bigger this time. It’s bigger and simpler, where the notes really connect with you and I say lines … I know the power of my words, so when I rap, I know it’s gonna impact the world. I know I’m gonna be performing anywhere from the Summer Jam stage [at New Jersey’s Giants Stadium] to [New York nightclub] Speed to the House of Blues in L.A., to London to Brazil to Ireland. … I’m making music for somebody sitting in a car on their way to work trying to get through traffic and my music is helping them zone out, to a 60,000-seater where I’m opening up for the Rolling Stones or U2. I’m not talking about you two — I’m talking about U2 the group. Like I say, ‘Why would I do a song with you two when I just got offstage with U2? I’m not even talking to you two.’ That’s how I feel.”

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Will his new album be his best? College Dropout is def his best so far, we will see if he can top it.

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