Did Kanye West Just Diss Drake Again At A Saint Pablo Tour Stop In Canada?

Contributing Writer

Remember when Kanye West and Drake put their passive aggressive beef aside and became #BFFs and even started teasing fans with the idea of a joint album together? Well, that might be over.

Kanye is taking his Saint Pablo tour through Canada for a second time this week, and decided to take aim at an nameless somebody “copying” him at the stop in Edmonton on Saturday night. “This the original,” he screamed after interrupting a performance of “Freestyle 4.” “Accept no imitations. You with the rap God right now.”

Now, at that point, the mini-rant could be for anybody, or nobody at all, but it’s what Yeezy said next that has people wondering if he was taking shots at the 6 God himself. “N***as keep copying my sh*t bruh. Stealing our shit stealing our stages. Copying our sh*t one-to-one.”

Drake recently cut his own summer/fall tour short, the Summer Sixteen tour, and while his stage wasn’t a floating monstrosity for fans to party under, there are some similarities, at least in ambience.

Here’s a picture from Drake’s Instagram account recently:

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