Kanye And EMI Reportedly Want To Settle Their Contract Dispute Out Of Court

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The Blast reports that after suing publisher EMI to get out of his recording contract, Kanye West is now trying to settle the case out of court — and out of the public eye. The Blast reports that it has obtained court documents filed by both Kanye and EMI requesting a stay on the case, which would give them a chance to work out the terms of a settlement in private. Similar cases have resulted in settlements in the past, notably in cases involving stars like Courtney Love, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Rita Ora.

Kanye filed his suit against EMI earlier this year, citing unfavorable terms — namely the fact that his contract does not technically have an end date, which Kanye and his lawyers argue constitutes servitude under California law. He also does not have the option to retire under the terms of the contract, meaning EMI technically owns a piece of all his music until he releases an agreed-upon number of songs. EMI countersued Kanye not longer after, noting that the producer has amended or extended his deal seven times.

Now, it appears both sides are tired of the headlines and unwilling to duke out what would surely be a long, drawn-out court case in the public eye, and now “wish to explore the potential for a resolution of this action, and believe a stay would benefit the parties and the Court by enabling the parties to engage in meaningful discussions in an attempt to resolve this action without having to incur the burden and expense of litigation and motion practice.”

They’ve requested a 60-day extension to work out terms and try to come to an agreement about just how and when Kanye can leave and what he’ll take with him when he goes. If the case does go to court, it will be instructive of the ways in which artists must protect themselves when signing contracts.

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