Hear Kanye West Explain His Vision Behind The Floating Stage On His #SaintPabloTour

Anyone who’s seen footage from Kanye West‘s recent #SaintPabloTour stop has surely been enamored with the floating stage. Aside from looking like a lawsuit waiting to happen, the concept is out of this world and clearly didn’t happen over night.

After the tour’s inaugural stop in Indianapolis, Kanye sat down with E! News to explain how the revolutionary idea came about. When asked how long the idea took to develop, his answer was jaw-dropping.

“10 years, perhaps” the rapper said after brief consideration. “At least eight months of planning for this. Traveling around the world, meeting with the best stage designers on the globe. And having the best stage designers.”

Beyond the futuristic design, Ye wants his fans to have the concert experience of a lifetime.

“I wanted people to get into it and have a fun time. Make it not be just about watching the artist, but watching their friends, and singing along with the lyrics and being able to see themselves, see their outfits. Post something. Take the concert experience to another level.”

Considering the floor seat experience appears to worth every bit of the $150-$300 asking price per ticket, based off clips from one show alone, it’s safe to say Yeezy has fulfilled his vision once again.

“This take on the future and the way it connects with music, I just feel that’s the vibe,” Yeezy said with coy certainty. “I’m super into design and staging and experiences, and this is an opportunity where they already expect a great show. And this is a feel where I can really stretch my hands like the song says…I can stretch out in this arena and give the crowd something they hadn’t seen before.”

Listen to Kanye’s full, four-minute description about the innovative #SaintPabloTour set below.

(Via E! News)